In the region, Albania was ranked the last in terms of both services and budget expenditures for health sector, compared to Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Bosnia (only these are included in the study) according to the index built by the quality of life database “Numbeo” for 2022, where the lowest points were received: poor quality of medical equipment, waiting time and cost of services.

The pandemic showed the failure of the health system, and according to Transparency International “the pandemic was also used as an excuse to reduce oversight and accountability for public procurement and foreign aid spending, allowing corruption to spread widely.”

Albanians’ money goes to corrupt PPPs, not to health services.

How much money is spent on PPPs in health? Was  it worth to spent all that money  on PPPs?

Only during the period of the pandemic (2020 -2021) 4.8 billion ALL were given from the state budget for health concessions, while 2.5 billion ALL were given to cope with the consequences of the epidemic.

The taxes of the Albanians that have been spent to pay the corrupt concessions of the check-up, sterilization and laboratories, not only have not improved the quality of health care and consequently the health of the population, but have only destroyed it and filled the pockets of the clients of Rama. This is shown by various reports, as well as the latest from Numbeo.

Corrupt concessions have eroded the health system, and as a result has led Albania during 2020 to be the first country in Europe with an increase in additional mortality of 26% (European Commission 2021), and in 3rd place from the beginning of the pandemic to on 30 September 2021 with 34.6% or otherwise 11 thousand additional deaths (Monitor Magazine January 2022).

Albanians today pay more for health care even though they have been promised that they will have it for free, and because they pay more money for health concessions, they have worse public service.

Albanian citizens were promised free health care, but the opposite happened, making it more expensive. According to the household budget survey by INSTAT, during 2020, when the epidemic started, Albanians spent 28% more money on health care.

Taxes of Albanian citizens were not used to help when they needed health, but citizens were forced to pay out of pocket an average of 41,000 ALL for diagnoses and up to 120,000 ALL for the purchase of medicines (according to the report of Together for life “Financial burden of patients confirmed with covid-19”)

Are Albanians paying more money for health care today? How much more?

According to the World Health Organization there are 125,000 (16.7%) Albanian families who spend over 10% of their budget on health care, while 40,000 (4.95%) families spend more than 25% of their budget.

Although Albanian families are the poorest in the region, they spend more out of pocket to receive health services. According to EUROSTAT 2019, Albanian families spend 13.7% of the family budget on health services.
Rama is corrupt.
His government is corrupt.
With the current government, Albania can not prosper and develop.

Albanians must abandon the past and the corrupt!